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March , 2020
Dear fellow members,

We would like to remind you that it is time to renew your membership.
By paying the dues by the end of July, you would be able to receive NBA’s membership services without any lapse.
Your annual membership dues for 2020(’April 1st,2020’– ‘March 31,2021’) is 20,000.-
Please remit to Nippon Bonsai Association
by an International Postal Money Order, or with a bank draft or remit to the following account directly.       Nippon Bonsai Association
NEZU BRANCH Ac.No. 235-1424034
Also we would be quite happy if you could designate “MIZUHO CORPORATE BANK, Ltd.” as a settlement bank when you make a remittance.
When you transfer the dues through banks, all bank commission should be born on
your side.

Due to bank commission increase, we are charged very large fee for cashing foreign drafts.
Therefore ,we would like to request that you pay the dues by an International Postal Money Order which you can obtain at your local post office in your country except Australia and New Zealand,if possible.

Please disregard this notice if you have already paid.

We had better deal with the payment fee is cheapest way to each other.
We recommend PayPal settlement for that.
Search for PayPal on your computer.
And please consider to understand the PayPal payment.
If you are interested in PayPal payment, please email office @ bonsai-kyokai.or.jp.
Send your invoice.

Thank you very much.

The 94th Kokufu book will be sent to you around the end of May by air parcel.

8-1 Ikenohata 2chome Taitoku ,Tokyo 100-0008 JAPAN

April 2, 2020
Dear fellow members,

Hope you all are well.
It is time to renew your membership, 2020. And we would like to send you letter for renewal.
However, as you know, postal service is not in a good situation due to COVID-19. Therefore
we will send you the letter and “BONSAI-SYUNYU” as soon as possible when this situation is settled.
We also would like to be thankful to the members who have already renewed the membership.
All of our staff at Nippon Bonsai Association are well right now. We do hope that you all are well. Please be safe and well!

Best regards,
Fumio Aokage
Nippon Bonsai Association

平素、日本大宝樹展をご支援いただきまして、誠にありがとうございます。新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大の防止と、お客様の安全を考慮した結果、3月30日(月)、31日(火)に、帝国ホテル 富士の間にて開催を予定しておりました「天皇陛下御即位記念 日本大宝樹展」につきましては、延期とさせていただきました。